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One of the most challenging things to achieve in today’s technology-driven world is maintaining a reasonable balance between a busy work schedule and a healthy active lifestyle. We may be paying more for a lack of sleep than we know.

Poor sleep, failing nutrition and excess weight are chief results of working life and modern lifestyle patterns worldwide. Individuals and families are heavily affected by current trends which sometimes translate into various avoidable ailments.

Several studies have shown that reduced sleep time is associated with higher energy intake. In fact, one study showed that lack of sleep has led to the intake of 385 additional kilocalories per day, without energy expenditure compensation.

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What’s more, they found, a federal system was set up to track these flurazepam prescriptions practices did not flag a single one of the prescribers who had been giving the drug incorrectly. The system, the study said, aimed “to reduce the risk of adverse outcomes, including misuse, abuse, addiction, and overdose, arising from the use of [the drug]”

“Because of their unique risk, they’re subject to one of the most restrictive distribution systems that the FDA has,” said the study’s author, Caleb Alexander, a Johns Hopkins University professor of medicine, to Fox News. “Prescribers, pharmacists, and patients all have to be specially certified to access this product. CLICK HERE 

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